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Your One Stop Massachusetts Roofing Company


Whenever you seek a New England roofing contractor for roof repairs or replacements, be sure to call Precision Roofing. We’ve been providing superior services to the area since 2005.  Our team offers services to both residential and small commercial facilities.


Roof Repairs

Leaks and cracks can lead to costly repairs and structural damage.  Providing superior roof repair services, our team can extend the life of your current roof.  Let us assess the condition of your roof today! We’ll provide an up-front, honest evaluation with the best plan of action to protect your home.


17-Point Roof Inspection

If you haven’t had a professional inspection, now is the time.  As a preventative maintenance measure for your roof, a 17-point inspection will evaluate the flashing, shingles, and other materials.  Call Precision Roofing today to schedule your appointment.


Roof Replacement

If your home or business requires new roofing, you need to have trust in the contractor you hire for the job.  Experience and knowledge in the industry are essential to perform a superior installation you can count on for years to come.  Fully licensed and backed by a limited warranty, the team at Precision Roofing stands behind their work.


Roof Types

When making the switch to a replacement roof, there are lots of choices. Asphalt roofs are conventional and inexpensive; whereas metal roofs are more durable. Cedar shake roofs have the natural look of real wood, while copper roofs are made to for aesthetics and longevity.  Our team understands the options can be overwhelming when deciding on a new roof.  Call us today; we’re here to assist you with questions and expert advice.


Commercial Roofing

If your business requires roofing services, then call Precision Roofing. We will help with an array of services from repairs to installation; ensuring the protection of your business from water damage.  Gone are the days of collecting water drips in a bucket.


Attic Analysis

With an attic analysis, you can have the information you need to make big decisions about your home.  Our team will provide you existing or potential attic concerns.  If your energy bill has seemed higher than usual, give us a call today.



Gutters help prevent water damage to your roof and will help keep the ground around your foundation dry. If you require a seamless gutter system, contact the only roofing company that will go the extra distance for you.



From curb appeal to energy efficieny, siding is the difference your home needs.  Available in a wide range of colors and textures, our team can help create the look you’ve always dreamed about.



Skylights are the perfect solution for natural light in the home.  Reducing energy costs and providing a tone of elegant, relaxation, Precision Roofing can help eliminate the need for costly, artificial lighting.


Overhead Care Club

Join the club and have roof maintenance that counts. With a membership, you’ll always be a number one priority. Call for more details on how you can save. Precision Roofing is New England’s premier roofing company that does it all.

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