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Does Your Home Have the Protection it Deserves?

gutters MA

A home without a gutter system is left vulnerable to water damage.  Without the proper drainage system in place, water is directed down towards your home’s foundation.  As the backbone of your home, your foundation needs protection to avoid costly issues such as sinking and cracking.

At Precision Roofing, we can help you ensure the best protection for your foundation with professional gutter installation.


Types of Gutters


Plastic. Lightweight and easily installed, plastic gutters glip together and provide easy maintenance.

Cast Iron. A solid choice, iron can be weighty and requires experienced, precise installation.  Beyond regular maintenance, this type of gutter will require recoating every few years to avoid rusting.  Section installation requires nuts and bolts to be joined with mastic.

Aluminum. The joining systems on this type of material vary. However, aluminum is lightweight and comes joint-less if preferred.

Copper.  Unique in appearance, copper gutters are becoming a New England favorite.  Over time, copper gutters turn an attractive green hue which creates the rustic look that many people desire.



The Benefits of Gutter Installation


As one of the most valuable assets to the exterior of your home, a proper drainage system can provide the optimal protection your home requires.  From extending the life of your roof to protecting the backbone of your home, gutters also deter mold and mildew growth. With a variety of options in materials and colors, this dent-resistant solution is ideal on any home.

If your home requires an update or a new gutter installation, contact the experts at Precision Roofing.  Protecting homes since 2005, our team will provide the professional services you expect.  With regular maintenance and proper care, our gutters can provide your home with years of protection.  A great looking home starts with new gutters, give us a call today.

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