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Customer Testimonials


“Simply the best roofing company. The owner is a man with real integrity.”

– Cheryl Worcester, MA 

“Great roofing company, and that’s not easy to find these days. Erik is a pro and his crew is courteous and fast! My house is the 6th house on my street to be roofed by Precision!”

– Bob Boxborough, MA 

“I didn’t see your team do the roofing job in 2014 because I was in Europe at the time. However, there have been many signs since of the superb quality of the work that you did. Here are a few observations.· You replaced the flashing around the chimney (it really needed it). The new flashing was better than the original flashing even when it was new.· You found a couple of rotten plywood sheets on the roof. They were replaced and kept the project on schedule.· We’re in the process of selling the house. Accordingly, we’ve had the house reviewed by estimators, workmen, and inspectors on several occasions. While these folks are typically very critical of previous work performed, several of them commented on the excellent roofing job that your team did.· And just recently when we had a leak (not caused by your roofing job), you squeezed us into your schedule to provide an emergency fix. This is exceptional service and workmanship that clearly deserves to be recognized.”

– Kathy Littleton, MA

“Management that possesses very high integrity.”

– Curtis Littleton, MA

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